PCMR0021 Grenfelle ‘Big Plaid’ / Ana Gabriela ‘Capa de Revista’

Ana Gabriela
Japanese / English
01.19 Interviews with the Grenfelle's members will appear in the February issue of Music Magazine on 20 Jan (Fri)! 01.18 19 Jan (Thu) 19:30 on-air on FM Matsumoto "Hickory Sound Excursion" with Grenfelle's comments from the members! 01.08 9 Jan (Mon) 22:30 on-air, the Grenfelle members will appear on FM Takamatsu "Groovy Monday" with commentary! 01.08 Grenfelle, 22 Jan (SUN) Shimokitazawa CLUB Que event "SUNDAY GIRLS"! 12.03 On sale today in Japan! Sound samples available for listening. 11.25 Ana Gabriela's Capa de Revista artwork is released. 09.23 Participating items on the official Record Day website! Click here for details. 09.23 Grenfell release second single 'Big Plaid'. The coupling is the world premiere record of 'Capa de Revista', released last year by Ana Gabriela, who has over 150 million plays on Spotify! Selected by Toru Hashimoto (SUBURBIA), who has worked on the popular 'Free Soul' series of compilations following the previous release!
Grenfelle / Big Plaid
Ana Gabriela / Capa de Revista (Remaster 2022)
Title : Big Plaid / Capa de Revista
Artists : Grenfelle / Ana Gabriela
Label : miobell records
Product No. : PCMR0021
Spec. : 7inch Analog Split Single / 45rpm / Stereo
Release date : 3rd Dec 2022
Price : 1,800yen+tax(1,980yen(include tax) in Japan
Jan : 4543807370175
Remark : For RECORD DAY 2022 in Japan

Track List
Side-A : Big Plaid
Side-1 : Capa de Revista (Remaster 2022) 

Big Plaid Guest Musician
Toshiya Mitsuhashi (T.Sax) from wack wack rhythm band 
Tomoko Kunimi (Tp) from wack wack rhythm band 
Toru Hashimoto(SUBURBIA)
Editor / music selector / DJ / producer. Presides over SUBURVIA Factory.
Owner of Cafe Apres-midi and Apres-midi Cereson in Shibuya. He has selected more than 350 compilation CDs, including the Free Soul, Mellow Beats, Cafe Apres-midi, Jazz Supreme and Music in the Landscape series.
He supervised and produced the music broadcast channels 'usen for Cafe Apres-midi' and 'usen for Free Soul' for USEN, and has been influential in the Japanese urban music scene since the 1990s. Currently, his Good Mellows series on the theme of mellow chill-out has been very well received in Japan and abroad.

Ana Gabriela
A singer-songwriter from Brazil, she is one of the fastest-growing artists in Brazil today, with over 150 million listens on Spotify alone.

In 2015, she launched a YouTube channel and started posting her favorite cover songs, which became an internet sensation.

In 2017, she gained attention when she was nominated in the 'Best Web Cover' category of the Multishow Brazilian Music Awards, organized by the Brazilian cable channel Multishow, one of the oldest music awards, for her cover of Marcos & Belutti's 'Eu era'.

She gained prominence when she was nominated in the 'Best Web Cover' category of the Brazilian Music Awards for her cover of Marcos & Belutti's 'Eu era'.

In the same year she began her solo career in earnest. She released a four-track EP, Do Quarto Pro Mundo, on the Brazilian label DECK, and in 2019 her song 'Mais de Nós' was certified as Pro-Música Brasil's 'Golden Single' with over 12 million streams and joined the ranks of leading musicians.
In 2020, she released her first album 'Ana'. The album features the previously unreleased song 'Teu Nome Imita o Mar' by Ana Caetano, a member of the Brazilian pop duo AnaVitória, which won the Latin Grammy for Best 

Contemporary Pop Album in the Portuguese language category, as well as 'Vem Cá' by Fran Gil and trio Melim on 'Não te largo, não te troco'.

She has released singles 'Capa de Revista' and 'Não Me Chama de Sua' in 2021 and 'Degradê' in 2022, and continues to work tirelessly even as the coronavirus rages. 'Capa de Revista', who will be released as a split single on Miobell Records in Japan, is her first Japanese release and the first record of her career.
Mineko Fujishima Vo/Cho (Swinging Popsicle) 
K-Go Mizutani Gt/Prog/Voice (Honeydew) 
Masashi Yamaguchi  Key/Prog (airbus) 
Masanori Shimada  Bass/Cho (NORTHERN BRIGHT) 

The four members, who have been involved in various musical activities individually, got together and started sessions in their home studio in 2020.

The members have been influenced by indie pop, indie rock, acid jazz, R&B, northern soul, neo-soul, and other backgrounds, and sublimate them into alternative music.The new vintage soul-pop music is the result of the band's obsessive efforts to create music with a groove and originality that feels like their "now"!

In July 2021, they released their first single 'Keep It Goin'' at Record Store Day. Despite being an unknown band, it was sold in record shops in seven countries, including the USA, the UK and Germany, and became a hot topic of conversation. The long-awaited second single 'Big Plaid' will be released on Record Day in December 2022 in Japan, and both the first and second singles will feature couplings by Toru Hashimoto (SUBURBIA), who is popular for his "Free Soul" and "Cafe Apres-midi" series, has listened to the demos of each song and selected the couplings for both the first and second singles.